Start of my Christmas Break!

December 19, 2008

yehey! at last. I can rest for a long period of time.🙂 Since christmas is approaching, I am so excited for it! Seeing bright xmas lights from each houses, children caroling, xmas greetings, xmas gifts and etc. I can feel christmas fast approaching! I can’t wait for my presents! whahaha!😄

The weather is kinda cool!😄 I hate it coz im having colds right now, and it sucks!! waa!~~ I even wear jacket even if it is sunny.. *which is weird coz Philippines is a hot country. hehehe.

For now, I just want to sleep for the whole day!😄 Coz I only sleep for about 3 hrs. a day! whoa! :(( I pity myself so much.. Now it’s the time to make up. I’ll be sleeping the whole day. hahaha! Surf the net as usual! ahihi~~ And also doing myfave past time  which is movie marathon! waa~😐 I miss doing that.. It’s a good thing I have this Christmas Break, this is a good time for me to CHILLAX.. :DD

Not Feeling Well… :(

December 9, 2008

I’m not feeling well right now..😦 I want to curse my sore throat because I’m having a hard time swallowing my food and my saliva.. LOL. I hate it.. Besides, I’m having a fever right now.. Even colds too!😦 So, When I was at school this morning, I went to the clinic to have some rest there.. I was like a snail who doesn’t want to come out from her shell.. LOL coz it’s too cold so I hid at the blanket the school nurse gave me.. gosshhh!! I think I have missed 2 subjects for this day.. damn!! The medicine did not have any GOOD effect on me.. In fact, I think it became worst..😐 It’s a good thing I don’t have class for tomorrow.. At least I can have atleast a one day rest.. :)It’s okay :’) I know I’ll be just fine.. :’)

My very first blog here at :D

December 8, 2008

First of all, I’m happy I have an account here at wordpress.🙂 It’s like alast I have my own BLOG SITE! ahihihi~~ congratulations to me. hehe~ Well, I’m not gonna update it often but I’ll do my best to blog here.. that if i’m not busy.. LOL